Our team is composed of high-quality scientists and administrators. Although each one has a specific background, our central goal is to develop a totally new technique for tissue ischemia. At this time, we are focusing on wound care because despite thousands of dressings developed in the past century, none has shown to be effective in critical human trial. This is formidable task but we have obtained some very promising results. We are open to suggestions and possible collaborations. If interested, please contact us or send us an email.

Sufan Chien, MD

Founder and CEO

email: sufanc@aim.com


Dr. Chien is a fully trained surgeon with special interest in tissue ischemia because this is the final pathway for all traumas and diseases that kills a patient. The intracellular ATP delivery technique has shown tremendous potential for various ischemic conditions such as in endothelial cell survival, cardiomyocyte preservation, organ preservation, hemorrhagic shock, and wound care. The most promising results have been obtained in soft tissue defect study in which new tissue starts to generate within 24 hours after surgery—a phenomenon never seen in humans or any other land animals, nor has it been reported in the literature by any other treatment strategy. The process has totally eliminated the traditional 3-6 days of lag time in acute wound healing. The effect is even more pronounced in long-term (12 months) diabetic plus ischemic wounds. It also heals wounds faster than the only FDA-approved prescription growth factor for wound care-Regranex. Further development of this technique could change the current wound management paradigm and benefit millions of patients who suffer from these hard-to-treat conditions.


Lorrain Wilson Chien, MA, BS, AB


Email: lorrainchien@outlook.com


Mrs. Chien is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with training in administration and supervision, piano, voice and education. She has practiced creativity as the hallmark of success in these fields and using the tools of these trades has made it easier for her to accomplish goals as well as achieve success in managing her interests in business. She taught school and has managed hundreds of acres of farmland and livestock and a gas station successfully for many years. She went through the NIH’s C3i training for small business and has since maintained communications with the NIH and FDA to bring the technique into clinical applications. Her enthusiasm for business management and administration has grown in many directions and will continue to remain a stable part of her future.  



Girish Kotwal, PhD

Research Scientist

email: gjkotw01@gmail.com

Dr. Kotwal is a world famous microbiologist. He received his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from McMaster University in Canada and got his postdoctoral training at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in Bethesda, MD., in Molecular Virology and Immunology. He then performed research in viral hepatitis at the James N. Gamble Research for Medical Research in Cincinnati, OH. He was a tenure track faculty in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Louisville, School of Medicine. After receiving his tenure and promotion he was awarded Senior International Wellcome Trust fellowship for biomedical Research in South Africa. On returning he was Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Sullivan University College of Pharmacy and later taught medical students at University of Medicine and Health Sciences in St. Kitts. He joined Noveratech, LLC in 2014. His interests are in determining the molecular mechanism of ATP nanoliposome by characterizing the gene expression changes and developing the technologies for checking sterility, toxicity and efficacy of the encapsulated ATP. He gives lectures in this country and all over the world.

Mohammad Bayat, PhD.

Research Scientist.

email: bayatenator@gmail.com

Dr Bayat is an internationally recognized wound care researcher for his animal studies and in vitro research on improving the treatment of diabetic skin wounds ulcer and low level laser treatment applications. He was born in Mahshar, a small city in south of Iran and pursued his studies in a PhD program in anatomical sciences at Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences (SBMU), Tehran, Iran in 1994.

He hypothesized that the application of stem cells and low-level laser therapy (photobiomodulation) besides medications such as pentoxifylline in the treatment can be beneficial and enhances the process of the healing. He has researched the effects of these factors on the wounds in animal models and in vitro and has obtained some very promising results.

He has published more than 100 articles in the local and international journals. Being a member of editorial board of Photomedicine Laser and Surgery (a leading journal in the field of low–level laser therapy), he has reviewed close to 390 manuscripts for 43 local and international journals. He has been ranked as the fifth author in Low- Level Laser therapy worldwide according to Google Scholar. Dr. Bayat joined our team recently and is currently working on tissue ischemia and wound healing project by focusing on the mechanisms by which intracellular ATP delivery causes extremely rapid tissue regeneration.

Sarah Eichenberger

Research Assistant

email: saraheichenberger@ymail.com

Sarah is currently a student at the University of Louisville pursuing a degree in nursing. She has worked with Noveratech for the past four summers as a research assistant. She started working in the company while she was in high school and has continued to expand her research ability. While in high school she completed an internship with Noveratech’s lab and presented her work to the board of her school. She has obtained very good expertise in histology, microscope, cryo sectioning and enzyme assays. She is a co- author on one of our recent scientific publications and had been part of seven poster presentations. Currently, she is developing a protocol for her own scientific project.  


Cheyrl Busch, BS

Administrative Assistant


Cheyrl obtained her associate degree in applied sciences from Jefferson Community College, certified paralegal from Bellermine University, BS in business  administration from McKendree College in Louisville, KY.  She is also a certified diamondtologist and an amateur gemologist.

She began working at University of Louisville in 1971 in a variety of positions from secretary in the IT Department, data entry responsible for the set up and submission of administrative programs for student records, payroll, financial records, and Bursar’s office on the very old technology of Keypunch machines, data sorters, and IBM computer main frames. She went on to work at University of Louisville Hospital in a variety of positions from patient admissions, unit secretary on one of the units in the Hospital, materials management, and then on to accounting. She went back to University of Louisville, Department of Surgery as Accountant III. She joined Noveratech, LLC since 2013 and has performed excellent work on budget to guarantee the perfect financial managements for all grants.    

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