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Noveratech LLC of Louisville has been developing a totally new dressing for wound care by focusing on the most critical factor hindering healing--tissue ischemia. Most of the non-healilng chronic wounds, such as diabetic foot ulcers, have macro- and micro-vascular diseases and the wound tissue does not receive adequate blood, oxygen, and nutritional supply to fight microbial invasion and facilitate healing. By providing the most critical factor (adenosine triphosphage, or ATP) in tissue metabolism, acute wounds heal faster and chronic wounds have the chance of healing. 

Noveratech has been funded by the NIH for many years to bring this new technique from bench to bedside. The results obtained from pre-clinical study has been outstanding--new tissue starts to appear within 24 hours after trauma. It keeps growing and fills the defect quickly. Even though the growth is rapid, it shows a self-limiting feature, leaving no hypertrophic scarring or any other unusual growth even after 2 years.

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